EMS Business

T-EMS   Tsukasa-Electronics Manufacturing Service

New Outsourcing Style=EMS


EMS is the abbreviation of Electronic Manufacturing Service.
As general style of OEM, manufacturer does design and development, then agencies gather the components and assemble them.
EMS is not just Assembly. It is the advanced outsourcing style, total management of Product Development, Design, Prototype, Components Distributing, and Manufacturing.


We have made a remarkable progress of this EMS. From Components Selection & Providing, Circuit Designing, Prototype, Production.

This system enables us to meet the customer’s demands of new projects mass-production, immediate increase of production, etc. Moreover, as each product, it is able to select producing distinct.

We develop the system of large product-variety and small-lot, efficient distribution, strict quality control. We would provide the best service that would meet your demands.

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